The energy transition is going on in Europe and all around the World. For us, our focus is adapting and combining innovation capacity, expertise and investment in high temperature geothermal energy. In France and Europe, we combine our geothermal potential with our industrial expertise within our exploration and R&D activities.

TLS Geothermics is involved in geosciences research, geothermal exploration and development. We are engaged in an innovative approach of geoscience studies and geothermal power project management.
Our approach is based on a new vision in project management : financing ability, cost optmization, and enhancing the scientific achievements that lead to value creation in environmentally sustainable conditions.

The core of the approach lies in our ability to describe, qualify and implement alternatives to current deep geothermal contexts by integrating mutant (new) geoscience concepts.

" All that is necessary to open up unlimited resources of power throughout the world is to find some economic and speedy way of sinking deep shafts "    

Nikola Tesla, physicist & inventor 
Everyday Science and Mechanics, december 1931
Nikola Tesla's sketch, 1931