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Project Management

Phased project management

The implementation of a deep geothermal project requires an appropriate management. We set up a phased organization with milestones all along the project.
This type of planned management can adjust resource planning, determines risks, options, deadlines and budgets, manages the unforeseen, while controlling the total cost of risk.

From the concept to the implementation of a geothermal power plant

The approach : integration into the global project

Stakeholders management and project communication

Power plant projects include various actors with various approaches :
- the public sector : governments and local authorities whose objective is to protect citizen interests;
- investors : public related, consortium, industrial companies, financiers, special purpose vehicles, whose objectives are to deal with profitable projects, while answering to the conditions set by the law and the investors regarding risks;
- creditors : specialized establishments (lenders or venture capitalists) and banks, whose objectives are to secure the global solvency of a project, with proper economical and financial model analysis and strategy analysis;
- contractors : whose objective are to realize the project within the deadlines and budget;
partners and other professionals : engineering companies, architects, experts, whose objectives are to conduct business consulting, design, risk management and construction;
- the scientific sphere : universities, laboratories, institutes, whose objectives are to contribute to knowledge increase. It is necessary in geothermal projects because of uniqueness of each location.

This phased organization with milestones is implemented in close collaboration with all of these stakeholders.