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R&D and Innovation

Research & Development and innovation are at the heart of our approach. 
The means to reduce risks are firstly in the upstream project, in geoscience aspects, but also in our ability to fund the deep geothermal projects.

Geosciences R&D project management

TLS Geothermics sets up a R&D program whose objective is to develop and qualify mutants geoscience concepts, and test then implement emerging technologies. 
The challenges are to better define and characterize geological targets, and allow optimization of exploration programs.
We believe that the whole approach will benefit to all our clients in the short term.

We want to develop scientific partnerships with academics involved in deep geothermal themes (thermomechanics data acquisition, numerical modeling, imaging, mineral geochemistry, ...) and to make interests converging.

Innovation in the financial approach and risk reduction

The challenge of developing deep geothermal energy is to attract funds despite its risk profile. 
Governments and government agencies have always played a major role in the development of high temperature geothermal energy. The perceived risk profile of a geothermal exploration and development project has always been an obstacle to massively attract investors into this industry.

As shown in the graphic below, there is a difference between the project actual risk level and the perceived risk level by investors during it.

Success probability of a geothermal power plant project according to its stages and capex

As the project progresses, it should be less difficult to attract funds to continue its development. The success rate of the project is improving very rapidly after the exploration drilling and tests, confirming or not the commercial viability of the geothermal reservoir.

It is for this reason that the majority of projects in the phases of study, exploration and feasibility are still dependent on public financing in support of developer's equity. In consequence, this is our role to imagine new financing concepts and risk management in order to accelerate the development of this green and sustainable energy.