Geothermal electricity production

In 2014, the world geothermal power capacity was about 12 000 MWe (high temperature).

Main geothermal power producers by country :
    + United States, >3500 MWe (about 90 power plants).
    + Philippines, >2190 MWe
    + Indonesia, >1200 MWe
    + Mexico, >950 MWe
    + Italy, >840 MWe
    + Iceland, >575 MWe
    + Japan, >530 MWe
    + Turkey, >100 MWe

France is concerned, with "only" two geothermal power plants as of the end of 2014. 
The first one is a 15 MWe power plant, located in the city of Bouillante in Guadeloupe (French West Indies, near the Soufrière volcano). The other one is located in Alsace, at Soultz-sous Forêt, with 1,5 MWe. This pilot project was one of the first EGS development in the world.

Heat production

Regarding the heat production for direct use (district heating or industrial processes), France was a pioneer in this sector. There is about 40 plants in the Paris basin and a few dozen in the rest of France, mainly for district heating.
Worldwide, there is approximately 28 000 MWth (thermal) of direct use capacity.