Inventories of global resources was mainly realized in the United States, in Europe and in Australia.
The first few reports show resources potential with strategic impacts : 356 GWe in the United States (USGS 2008, national geothermal resource assessment), 100 GWe for Europe (The European HDR project at Soultz presentation, 2004), and more than 50 GWe in Australia (Geosciences Australia, 190 PJoules estimated at 5 km depth).

In Europe, the main deep geothermal resources are located in Turkey, Central Europe, France, and Italy. On the map below, these are the red, pink and brown aeras.
In the future, areas with lower potential (orange) could be operated, but their development will depend on the cost of drilling.

5 km depth temperature european map (deep geothermal energy) :

Made by TLS Geothermics SAS - Copyright 2013
5 km depth isothermal map revectorized and based on 
"Atlas of Europe, Hermann Haak (Hurtog, Cermak, Zui)"