TLS Geothermics NEWS

October 2017
The French government awarded two exclusive exploration licenses to TLS Geothermics : "Combrailles-en-Marche" and "Sioule" license. See Our Projects page.

June 16th 2017
Participation and exhibition at the EAGE Paris 2017 congress, at the Geothermal Workshop. Scientific poster présentation

June 14th 2017
Cooperation agreement between TLS Geothermics and Storengy (Engie) to boost in the high temperature geothermal energy in France and Europe. Cooperation in exploration and projects development and common R&D.

March 2017
TLS Geothermics will co-animate a Geothermal student workshop at the EAGE 2017, the 14th of June in Paris.

February 2017
New offices for TLS Geothermics in Toulouse, France.

November and December 2016
TLS Geothermics successfully raised 200 k€ in a 2 month equity crowdfunding campaign on the platform, the French leading equity crowdfunding operator.

March 2016
TLS Geothermics was speaker at the PIPAME minister conference (planning and prospective departement of the french government).

October 19-20
TLS Geothermics will attend the third European Geothermal Workshop in Strasbourg.

March, 2015
TLS Geothermics is a new member of the French Geothermal Cluster for Heat and Power : GEODEEP

September 22nd, 2014
TLS Geothermics gets the AVENIA Label for its R&D project GeoPass3D !
A technical approval and recognition by THE french Geosciences Cluster. The project is brought by TLS Geothermics in collaboration with public universities & CNRS laboratories experts.

July 10th, 2014
TLS Geothermics at the Forum on Underground shallow waters and Geothermal in Midi Pyrénées, organised by the Regional Authority in Toulouse, with Ademe Midi Pyrénées, BRGM Midi Pyrénées and AFPG.

June 24th, 2014
TLS Geothermics at the second Rendez-Vous d'Avenia. The opportunity for us to extend our visibility and meet partners. The meetings and appointments were open to non-members of the Avenia cluster (Pôle de Compétivité).

February 6th, 2014
TLS Geothermics at the first Rendez-Vous d'Avenia. An opportunity to meet future partners.

December, 2013
TLS Geothermics becomes member of the French Geoscience Cluster : Pôle de Compétitivité AVENIA, based in Pau, south-west of France

September, 2013
TLS Geothermics becomes member of the french geothermal association AFPG (Association Française des Professionnels de la Géothermie).

Deep Geothermal Timetable

June 2017
EAGE in Paris from June 12 to 15. A geosciences international congress.

September 2016
European Geothermal Conference in Strasbourg

April, 2015
EGU General Meeting, April 12-17, Vienna, Austria

December, 2014
AGU Fall Meeting, Dec. 15-19, San Fransisco, USA

September, 2014
38th GRC Annual Meeting, Portland, USA

May, 2014
International Geothermal Conference, in Freiburg (Germany) from 14th to 16th of May 2014.

April, 2014
Deep Geothermal Days 2014, in Paris.
This conference is organized beside the Third French Geothermal Days.